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P2C PLUS exists to be a catalyst in; helping people discover Jesus and equipping believers for a lifetime of ministry.

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What is P2C PLUS?

P2C PLUS is an annual four-day Christian conference. This year, P2C PLUS will be at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel from December 28, 2018 ending on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2019.

We’re offering students the opportunity to:
Be Inspired. Go Deeper. Take action. Have Fun.

Join over a thousand students from across the country to explore how Jesus changes everything.

We’re challenging students to:

Be Inspired. Go Deeper. Take action.

What People are Saying about P2C PLUS?

“What stood out to me from one of the main sessions was that God’s plans for me are
bigger than the plans I have for myself.”

“I have experienced God through being convicted of things I struggles with. And through
community, seeing the campus come together and seeing the body of Christ all worshipping
together as one.“

“God has really been bringing up the themes of compassion for me at P2C PLUS this year.
(The morning session talked about us moving from judgment to compassion; when Jesus
looked on the crowd and had compassion on them, not judging them.) Where are the limits
of my compassion and how can God stretch the limits of where my compassion reaches?”

Who Attends P2C PLUS?

We expect to have over 1200 students attend the Conference:

  • Students from 55+ colleges and universities attend from across Canada.
  • 175 students will be Korean background students involved in P2C’s Korean background ministry called Agape Impact
  • 50 students will be International Students
  • 25 students will be French only speakers from Quebec.
  • 50 students will be in attendance from the Maritimes
  • 150 staff members of P2C-Students
  • 50 volunteers
  • 50 external speakers

On December 29th we are having a Special Event. Citizens and Saints will be performing a concert in the evening. We are expecting an increased attendance for this day. On December 31st we are having a NYE Party to conclude the conference, so we expect an increased attendance (~300) on this day as well.

As a high-level sponsor, advertiser or exhibitor, you will have 4 days of unequalled exposure and a rare opportunity to engage with future Christian leaders from across Canada!

This guide outlines numerous ways to partner with P2C PLUS. You can custom design a sponsorship package that works for you.

Our commitment to you

P2C PLUS is committed to producing a God-honouring event: top notch production, a full slate of dynamic speakers, teachers, worship and training and a promotional program that will maximize the opportunities for you and your cause. We will be as flexible as we can to accommodate your needs and serve you with excellence to ensure your success.
No matter what your budget is, you can customize one – or all – of these opportunities to meet your needs. We desire to partner with exhibitors to resource students and leaders as we help people to discover and know Jesus.

The Exhibit Show will be staged in an attractive and orderly manner and will be well promoted throughout the conference. This is our fourth year offering an exhibitor show and we have learned from feedback and want to continue to build an effective experience for all. Our well-trained staff will be on hand to facilitate setup of exhibitor space and to answer questions. We will provide electricity and wifi access to all booths who need it. Your Exhibit Show Pass grants you 2 full conferences passes with access to attend any Main Session or workshop session and access to our app.

Your commitment to us

As an exhibitor at P2C PLUS we request your organization to commit in the following ways:

    • Send out a minimum of two email blasts to an email list of constituents that you maintain advertising your presence at P2C PLUS. Please include the P2C PLUS logo (will be provided) and hyperlink to the conference website. You will be provided with P2C PLUS content to include in email blasts.
    • Prompt setup and takedown of your booth at scheduled times.
    • A professional booth setup that may include product for sale, giveaways or prizes, video presentations and interactive displays

Payment of any invoice within 30 days of receiving it or Dec 28th, whichever is shorter.

If your primary purpose for exhibiting is merchandise sales, P2C PLUS receives 10% commission on all sales conducted on-site at the Exhibit Show. All merchandise sales are subject to approval by P2C PLUS. The commission is charged on all monies received for on-site merchandise, ticket sales and/or catalogue orders or advance orders. Retail sales summary sheet is due at checkout on December 31, 2018. Cheque, cash or credit card accepted for commission payment.

Exhibit and Advertise Opportunities

Discounts for choosing multiple options

With 3 options ordered, receive a 10% discount

With 4+ options ordered, receive a 15% discount


We have various exhibit space options based on foot traffic. An Epic or Prime space is spacious and will have walkthrough traffic of 1000 – 1250 people, primarily university and college students and staff members of Power to Change Students. In 2018, students attended P2C PLUS from over 55+ universities and colleges in Canada. The main sessions and some workshops are live streamed.

We recommend that all booths be open from December 28th at 2pm till the afternoon of December 31st with the booth being taken down no later than 4pm on December 31st. Please let us know if you need a different timeline.

On the afternoon of Dec 28th, we will provide coffee and snacks throughout our exhibitor areas to further encourage all those attending the conference to come talk before our first main session.

To have your exhibitor space integrated into the handbook and all our digital properties, please submit your application by October 1, 2018.

The final deadline for requesting an exhibitor space is December 15, 2018.

Click to view a diagram of where all the booths are located

Exhibitor Space Options

Cost for one booth Quantity Available

Epic location



Prime location



Great location



Good location



Mezzanine level location



Sponsored lounge




Final deadline for applying to advertise in conference handbook and pre-session slides is October 1, 2018.

See a video flipthrough of our 2017 P2C PLUS Conference Handbook to catch of glimpse of what to expect.
  • Shown at all main sessions
Advertising Options Info
Cost Deadline for submission of artwork
Full page ad in conference handbook $799 Oct 1
Half-page ad in conference handbook $449 Oct 1
One 60 second pre-session main session slide $549 Nov 1
One 30 second  pre-session main session slide

  • Shown at all main sessions
$299 Nov 1
Registration and lounge area TV add – running on loop between Livestream feeds $99 Nov 1
1 Grab bag item

  • Grab bag is given to all attendees
  • You would provide the item
$99 Dec 1
MC and promote via a workshop.  P2C PLUS will offer over 90 workshops.  Sign up to MC a workshop and intro your organization (for 3 mins) and invite to sign up etc. for something. $99 per workshop Nov 1
Wifi password for a day (profile your organization with a custom word of your choice) $149 Oct 1
Buy a student ticket promo code (tickets are live, we can do promo throughout the lead up to the conference $99 + value of discount Dec 1
Prizes given at our main session $99 Nov 1


Sponsored event for students – off-site $99 Nov 1
Sponsored event for students – on-site without food $99 Nov 1
Sponsored event for students – on-site with food – Food Order $99 + food cost Nov 1



You may register and set up your booth on December 28th between 11:30am and 1:45pm. Your booth should remain up throughout the conference, with take down completed by 4:00pm on December 31. If other arrangements need to be made please note your request on the exhibitor registration form. You are welcome to be present at the entire conference and may attend all main sessions and workshops as a participant. There will be an optional exhibitor orientation meeting on December 28th at 11am at the hotel (coffee provided) to meet the Conference leadership team and get oriented to the Conference.


Your best opportunities to connect with students will be begin Dec. 28th at 2:00pm through to 7:00 pm. Before and after main sessions are also key traffic time. Workshops will be held the afternoons of the 29th, 30th, and 31st and many students will available in the conference area during those times.


Staying at the conference will enable you to maximize your time with the conference attendees. Hotel accommodation information will be emailed to you upon your application being accepted so you can book directly with the hotel. Please let us know if you require any particular arrangements.

Meals are up to each attendee and there are many restaurants close by. You are welcome to arrange one-to-one or group meetings with conference attendees during breakfast, lunch or dinner hours, or other times in the schedule where conferees may be available.


  • a single booth space is 8’ wide, 5’ deep and 8‘ high
  • one 15 amp duplex outlet will be provided for each booth at no extra cost; additional power requests will be subject to charges according to rates set by the hotel.
  • one draped, 6’ table can be provided as well as two chairs
  • hours of operation: prior to all main sessions and during each afternoon; it is recommended that booth’s not be in operation during main sessions.
  • booth setup on December 28th between 11:30am and 1:45pm.
  • tear down begins at 4:00 pm on December 31. If other arrangements need to be made please note your request on the exhibitor registration form below.


There is a PowerPoint/slideshow montage shown on multiple video screens in the Main Sessions prior to all sessions throughout the Conference.  Pre-roll will also be visible on the web livestream. Deadline for purchasing Pre-Roll ad space for slides is November 1, 2018.

Still Image Slide Specifications:

  • 1920 width x 1080 height pixels
  • Name your file P2C-PreRoll-Slide-ExhibitorName.jpg or png

Accepted file formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • Please DO NOT send native graphic files (PSD, AI), low resolution files (GIF)

Email your image to  Slide due November 1, 2018.


Full Page Ad Size Specifications:

  • 9 inch x 9 inch
  • Include bleed on all sides of ad.  Do not leave bleed allowance off of one edge assuming that an ad will be placed in a specific position on a page.
  • In bleed ads, live area containing all pertinent copy, photos, logos etc. must be 0.5” from trim edge to ensure safety of artwork on press and in bindery/trimming process.
  • Bleed must be .25” beyond trim edge.
  • Name your file P2C-Handbook-Ad-ExhibitorName.pdf

Half Page Ad Size Specifications:

  • 4.5 inch HEIGHT x 9 inch WIDTH (similar to landscape orientation)
  • Include bleed on all sides ad.  Do not leave bleed allowance off of one edge assuming that an ad will be placed in a specific position on a page.
  • In bleed ads, live area containing all pertinent copy, photos, logos etc. must be 0.5” from trim edge to ensure safety of artwork on press and in bindery/trimming process.
  • Bleed must be .25” beyond trim edge.
  • Name your file P2C-Handbook-Ad-ExhibitorName.pdf

Accepted file formats –

  • High Resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF file format
  • High Resolution TIFF or JPG (300dpi or higher)
  • Please convert your images to CMYK process for accurate colour output
  • Please DO NOT send native graphic files (PSD, AI), low resolution files (GIF or JPG)

*Proofs will not be supplied.

Email a copy of your magazine ad to To send larger files (greater than 10M) please use an online file transfer site such as and send the link to

Ad materials due October 1, 2018.

How to Apply

Go to and fill out your application today!


Oct 1 Conference handbook and pre-session slide advertising application deadline
Nov 1 Digital content submission deadline
Nov 15 Exhibit booth application deadline
30 days net Payment deadline
Dec 28 Conference begins
Jan 1 Conference ends


Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
123 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON. M5H 2M9

If access to the hotel loading dock is required please contact

If you have any questions, please contact at