We are excited for this upcoming conference and we hope that you are too! If you would like to invite your friends and church to P2C PLUS this year, we hope the following list of resources can help you get the word out!

Simple description of the conference

P2C PLUS is a conference for students in high school, college and university. We’ll be exploring the relevance of Jesus in all of life through four days of sessions, workshops, worship, and conversations. P2C PLUS will be full of making connections and considering ideas.

Join us at P2C PLUS in downtown Toronto, December 28 – January 1! Check out for all the details and to get your tickets.

Images for social media or email

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Templates to share your your discount code

If you are a speaker, partner, or have already registered for the conference, you have a unique promotional code that you can share with your friends.

Use this Google Slide template for social media posts. Make a copy of the slide deck (file > make a copy), Type your promo code in the white box, download the image (file > download > png current slide).

Use this Google Slide template for a regular slide.

Slide Deck

Use this slide deck to share about P2C PLUS. See speaker notes for more details to share.

Use the “First” themed ice breaker questions as a bonus before your presentation.

Single Promo Slide

Use in an announcement loop or for a short presentation.

Follow the conference on Instagram and Facebook to share content

Hint: the Rico and Hanna videos are great for fun FAQ. Tag us in your post!